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Jean Albus
Feathers before wings
Feathers Before Wings © Jean Albus  

Photo Assemblage
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“Encountering the work of Jean Albus, one immediately senses the joyful moments she experiences living on the northern plains in southeastern Montana. She exalts the rural condition by layering personal icons over images of the Montana landscape. The rapturous notions apparent in the work are constructed with a variety of cultural precedents in mind and express themes rife with married ideas: life/death, abundance/scarcity or isolation/contentment. Though Jean Albus has created a broad body of photographic work that shares a similar point of view about urban settings, [she] focuses on subjects viewed directly from her rural home near Bridger, Montana. Her photographs add to the historical documentation of the northern plains while infusing it with contemporary narratives. These images emphasize the sublime aspects of the plains while revealing a personal story that intersects with primal and pristine places." - "Rapture on the Plains: Observations.”

Bob Durden, Curator of “Rapture On The Plains,” Paris Gibson Square Museum