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Jean Albus

Song Of The Porcupine's Bride
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Song of the Porcupine Bride

Song Of The Porcupine's Bride
is a series of mixed media, three -dimensional collages created to describe the artist's journey from childhood to the present. It begins with observations about her upbringing as a young Catholic girl and ends with her deep connection to nature.

The installation is an evolution of her photography using dresses in, or suspended over, the landscape. The installation also includes fourteen black and white photographs.

Media used:
Objects belonging to her mother and grandmother
Objects from the artist’s childhood, including the Holy Communion dress and veil made by her mother
Artificial flowers and other objects collected from the outskirts of county cemeteries
Linoleum from the basement of her childhood home
Found objects from the landscape including:
Shed snakeskins
Cottonwood seeds
Native grasses
Thousands of blue petals from wildflowers
Bird Eggs
Plastic rosary beads
Porcupine carcass
Porcupine quills
Yucca plants and sticks
Rubber heads
Dead birds and animals donated by her cats
Magpie nest
Other nests